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45th IMO
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About the IMO


The network for the participants in the International Mathematical Olympiad


IMO 2006 in Slovenia: The mailing list - Get in touch before the contest !


China won the IMO in Merida, Mexico.

Mailing lists, APMO and IMO Shortlisted problems

There are two very simple rules for members of the IMO Network mailing lists (infering from IMO and APMO regulations).
  1. You have to make sure the organizing country has posted APMO problems before distributing or discussing them online. For more information see APMO procedures and regulations.
  2. All the countries involved in the IMO have an agreement that no IMO shortlisted problem is released before the NEXT IMO (e.g. IMO2005 shortlisted problem are not to be posted here before july 31st, 2006) for a simple reason : these problems are used by countries to select their candidates...

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About the IMO Groups (or mailing lists)

Groups have been created on Yahoo! Groups. To suscribe to any of them, you need a Yahoo! Account.
imo-problems : To discuss about problems (IMO problems or whatever). (440 members).
imo2003 : To write something to and keep contact with every participant in the 44th IMO in Tokyo (Japan).

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